Quiz answers

1. St David
2. March 1st.
3. Daffodil and leek.
4. 40-24 (to Wales)
5. Pascal Gauzere.
6. If you have the correct answers to Q1-Q5 please contact Brad with your answer to Q6. (bradplimmer@btinternet.com)

Newsletter 72 - March 5th 2021


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QUIZ Night, 7.00 for 7:30 pm Friday 16th April.




Sample Quiz Questions
1. Who is the patron saint of Wales?
2. When is his day celebrated?
3. Which are the national emblems of Wales? A flower & a vegetable.
4. What was the final score in the Rugby Union match between Wales and England played in Cardiff on February 27th, 2021?
5. What was the name of the French referee for that match?
6. Is it true that he should have gone to 'Specsavers'?
Answers at the end of this Newsletter.
Dear members,

This is a follow-on to Newsletter 70, of February 9th, which announced that we would be holding a Quiz once again this year. This Newsletter gives more detail, and is an invitation to you to book your places for this general knowledge Quiz. Once again Paul Young has been prevailed upon to set and run the quiz. You will be able to join this meeting from 7:00 pm and we would encourage you to link in early so as to avoid any last minute rush & ensure we start the quiz promptly at 7:30 pm. You'll have time between 7:00 and 7:30 to catch up with your friends from the Local History Society, so long as you don't all talk at once.

This year's quiz evening will be different in many ways from past events. What was formerly the Society's only annual money raising event, will now be available at no cost to those who take part. There will be no fish and chips, served at the interval,
and no bar, selling drinks at cut down prices.

However, we want to make the experience as close as possible to the fun evenings that we all used to enjoy in the Memorial Hall, before the virus put a temporary dampener on all that. So we're inviting you to join with your fellow members, or friends and family, to make up teams. Quiz teams will be limited to a maximum of six people. This doesn't mean we don't want to hear from you if you're single or part of a couple. Exactly the opposite is true. Please still contact us and we'll allocate you to an embryo team. The more teams, the merrier.

Many of you may have already taken part in family organised or other quizzes since lock-down, whilst for others this will be a new experience. We'll be using Zoom to manage the whole evening. That means we'll all be at home, with normally one or two people sharing each online device. Over the last few weeks, we've investigated the approaches taken by other organisations in running online quizzes via Zoom. We've also had 3 or 4 trial runs within the committee, with amazing support from Paul Young and John Harris.

Fortunately Zoom has facilities that lend themselves to producing the competitive (but fun) team approach almost as though we were still in the close contact of the Memorial Hall. For example although the questions for each round will initially be read out by the Quiz-master to the full 'audience', each team will then be sent to their 'break out room', where they can speak to each other without hearing or being heard by any of the other teams taking part. The questions will be available to all for reference through the 'Chat' function of Zoom. Once back in the main room, the answers will be given by the Quiz master who will then ask the captain of each team for their score for that round. It might sound a bit tricky, but I can assure you that it works, almost like clockwork.

In order to familiarize you with the processes, we will arrange a short break out session at the beginning of the evening, before the quiz proper starts. This will enable you to meet other members of your team and agree a team Captain for the evening, and a name for your team, unless that decision has already been made and communicated. This should ensure that all participants get a taste of the breakout room scenario, before the quiz starts for real.

The Society's short virtual AGM is also on Friday, 16 th April. This will take place at the midpoint of the Quiz, and will be sandwiched, if you like, between the two halves of the Quiz, just like the Fish & Chip supper used to be, when we held the Quiz in
the Memorial Hall. A separate Newsletter will be available shortly covering the AGM, and that Newsletter will also explain the processes available for renewing ones membership for a further year.


What to do next on the Quiz?

1. Decide whether you want to take part in this fun evening.
2. If you are already part of a team, decide on a team name and team captain.

3. Let us know whether you are part of a team, or looking to be a member of one, by contacting Karen Dickinson. The easiest way to do this is to fill in the form below. When you click Send, this form will go straight to Karen.

4. Alternatively you can contact Karen by email (karen@mflp.co.uk) or by text message only on 07970 179821.

5. Additionally, for clarification of any of the above, please contact any of the other committee members whose names and contact details are given below.

Best wishes, Brad and the committee.

Mike Banning-Lover 750480, Howard Francioni 07974 401454, Mike Kearsey 751383, Brad Plimmer 750716, John Read 750022, Jennifer Sewell 750747


If you have Zoom installed, it will help us to pre-allocate you to your teams before the night. If you would like to download the Zoom software please visit www.zoom.us. If not, we can easily allocate you on the night, but please let us know here whether you have Zoom installed by ticking the appropriate box in the form below.


On the night of the quiz, if you do have the software please open the Zoom program first and then open the zoom link that you will be sent on the Friday one week before the quiz.


Please enter your details in the form below and click Send.