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On 26th of April 1893 the toll gate at Welford on Avon, close to the Four Alls public house, was finally taken away ending over 200 years of fees being demanded for crossing the Avon by the Binton Bridges.

The Herald reported the historic scene and at 2 o’clock the gate was formally locked and the key handed to Lord Hertford. Payment of £700 had been made to the owners Messrs Dutton & Hudson of Warwick earlier the same morning.

On conclusion the key with which the Marquis opened the gate was handed back to the keeping of Mr Green (thought to be the Mayor of Stratford) and the gate was dismantled. A small section of it is now displayed in Welford village hall.  

Welford and Weston Local History Society, which has an extensive archive of local memorabilia, is keen to try and find the toll gate key and would welcome any information from readers as to where it may be.

If you can help please ‘phone Brad Plimmer on 01789 750716 or Barrie Russell 01789 750389.

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